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Tomorrow is a dream

She lives on in her dreams,
Dreams of a childhood,
A childhood with freedom,
Freedom from work;
Work that feeds her family,
Family that would help,
Help from others is her need,
Her need of amenities,
Amenities like food, clothes, shelter and education,
Education that would help secure,
Secure a future without worries,
Worries about her tomorrow,
A tomorrow that would bring life,
Life back to an innocent child…

(On a busy Monday morning, at traffic filled junction. A little girl is busy performing stunts; She belongs to a certain tribe from the north that is involved in performing street circus. As she wriggles into a ring and comes out with a jiggle, the passing crowd just watches on. Some throw a quarter towards her, others look away from her innocent pitiful face. She watches each face in anticipation of some help. A few coins here and there, this would just help her family for today. Her tomorrow is uncertain)

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Anonymous said...

great poetry..

Which flavor is yours ?

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